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Soldiers of Stone

1. Keeping The Dream Alive – Richard and Mary

2. Spoken from the Heart – Richard Byford


3. Richard Byford – Songwriter #1




ManOPause-Boys-Vitellos-ad copy


Standing Rock flyer

A Disillusioned Legal Immigrant – November 2016

My 2016 Summer Adventure


KATIE GARIBALDI – Singer songwriter with new EP Rooted Clarity

AOEDE – the writer and singer of mystical musical theatre – Lisa Sniderman

Steve Key Songwriter and host of Songwriters at Play

David Longoria Shares his thoughts with us! One of the world’s best trumpet players

Broadcast – The New Musical Produced at Yucca Valley High School

Annette Conlon – We talk to an LA songwriter about over-coming life’s challenges


Bill Berry – LA Songwriter


Byron Rice Nashville Songwriter


Katie Mitchell from The Standing O Project


Tom Paxton interview with Richard Byford


Songwriter Aubryn Stevens


Spoken From The Heart by Richard Byford


The World’s Only Floating Golf Green


Superwoman Deborah Johnson


John Malcolm Penn Folksinger


Police Rountable

Drones with photographer Ethan Kaminsky

Noel Paul Stookey of Peter Paul & Mary

Our Sustainable City for April 2015

Climate Rides

Stringfever from England

New Director of the Indio Performing Arts Center

Palm Springs Sustainability Office 2015

Jack Jones

Christopher Tin, Grammy award composer

Richard & Mary up for Grammy Award

Christopher Tin, Grammy award composer

Tina Marx, author & Life Coach

office of sustainability with michelle mician

100,000 Poets for Change at Crystal Fantasy

Water with Lucinda Sue Crosby Part 1

Water with Lucinda Sue Crosby Part 2


On The Village Green Radio Shows 2013/2014

Show #62 – 05/21/14 – Richard’s Farewell for the Summer

Show #61 – 05/14/14 – When the Big One Comes – Are You Ready?

Show #60 – 05/7/14 – Plastic Bag Ordinance with Kate Castle

Show #59 – 04/31/14 – National Bike Month Brett Kline

Show #58 – 04/23/14 – Lindsay Wagner Scholarship Fundraiser

Show #57 – 04/16/14 – Earthquake – do you know what to do?

Show #55 – 04/2/14 – More Sax Please – an interview with smooth jazz performer Lisa Rita

Show #54 – 03/26/14 – We discuss supplements with well-known Dr. Gundry

Show #53 – 03/11/14 – Johnson and Johnson – Mother and son singing team

Show #53 – 03/19/14 – Johnson and Johnson – Mother and son singing team

Show #52 – 03/11/14 – Farewell to a friend – Lena Smith from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Show #51 – 03/5/14 – Water Conservation – The Desert Water Agency

Show #50 – 02/19/14 – Water Conservation in Southern California

Show #49 – 02/19/14 – HEAL Academy at Cathedral City High School

Show #48 – 02/5/14 – Tribute to Pete Seeger

Show #47 – 01/29/14 – We talk to people at Village Fest about bike trails & sustainability

Show #46 – 01/22/14 – Up Close with Richard & Mary with their new cd “Keeping The Dream Live.”

Show #45 – 01/15/14 – Bethany Owen – a woman of 1001 voices

Show #44 – 01/8/14 – welcome 2014

Show #43 – 12/18/13 – Holiday Shows at The Marilyn Forever Park

Show #42 – 12/11/13 – DHS REAL Academy Part 2

Show #41 – 12/4/13 – DHS REAL Academy Part 1

Show #40 – 11/27/13 – Interview with Lindsey Wagner and Thanksgiving Thoughts by your host

Show #39 – 11/20/13 – Bike Trails with Palm Springs Sustainability Commission Chairman Brett Klein

Show #38 – 11/13/13 – Singer/songwriter, author Deborah Johnson

Show #37 – 11/6/13 – The Climate Registry

Show #36 – 10/30/13 – Green Architect – Eric Corey Freed

Show #35 – Urban Chicks – What The CLUCK

Show #34 – Banning Single Use Plastic Bags with Kate Castle

Show #33 – Marilyn Madness and Me with writer/producer Frank Furino

Show #32 – The Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs with Jason Bruecks

Show #31 – Interview with Chinese Journalist Lily Zhou

Show #30 – September 18th, 2013 – Justin Blake from the Palm Springs Unified School Board

Show #29 – September 11th, 2013 – Solar Power for the Coachella Valley Schools

Show #28 – Ellen Lockert video & TV producer. Produced video for Palm Springs on banning plastic bags and Jenna Norwood producer of the movie Supercharge Me – living on raw foods only

Show # 27 – A Visit with Holistic Coach Melinda Vida and a trip to the Sustainable Minute with Michele Mician


Show #25 – Garden Life Wellness with Melinda Vida

Show #24 – with Guest Hosts Ashley Suarez & Justice Shellan

Show #23 – Highland Springs Resort & The Lavender Festival

Show #22 – Kroger unveils its clean energy Production system powered by food waste

Show #21 – An interview with Rick Crandall, Sustainability Director for Albertson’s

Show #20 – Dan Austin from 88bikes and Lavender Festival at The Highland Springs Resort

Show#19 – National Bike Month with Brett Kline & Michele Micia

Show #18 – Let your clothes charge your phone on The “GO”

An interview with designer Sandra Garratt

Show #17 – The Environmental Club at the Palm Springs High School with Justice and Ashley AND Bike Friendly Business Districts with April Economides

Show#16 – Michael Harris on The Healthcare System in America

Show #15 – Kate Castle, Ashley Suarez – banning plastic bags Michele Mician with the Sustainable Minute and Jim Fordyce with a Solar Interview

Show #14 – Pastor Robert Sneed – on Love, politics, race and the future!

Show#13 – Banning Plastic Bags – an informational meeting at the Sustainability

Commission of Palm Springs

Past Shows

Click Here for Arcihive Page 1 

  • 1. Paul Lewin & Michele Mician
  • 2. Disaster Readiness with Carol Camelot
  • 3. Plans for the Salton Sea
  • 4. Brandi Veil – Greening Festivals
  • 5. Kate Castle – Banning Plastic Bags
  • 6. Amy Spatrisano – Greening the Meeting Industry

Click Here for Archive Page 2

  • 7. The Healing Waters of DHS with Barbara Maron & David Vodika
  • 8. Malala Will Rise Again – a spoken word recording by Richard Byford
  • Plus interviews on diets with Dr Gundry & Chef Michelle Globis
  • 9.You Can’t Judge A Book By It’sCover -a commentary on eco friendly cars
  • Plus interviews with event planner Jessica Whitney and the Sustainable minute with Michele Mician
  • 10.Climate Change with Patrick Evans CBS local 2
  • 11. Earthquakes with Carol Camelot – more disaster preparedness
  • 12.From Farm to Table with Iron Chef Jose Garces & Julie Brothers
I invite your input, ideas, comments and questions on producing and designing eco-friendly green events. I am hoping to include some of your comments or share your ideas in my presentations around the country not just on greening events but ALL the challenges we face in the special events industry and America as a whole. I will try to answer all your questions or at least point you to someone who is an expert in their field for their opinion.

To start a new subject please email me and I will post it so everyone can comment on it