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Rhythm & Passion EPK & Rider
This stunning show features world renowned international artists in a full display of music, color, energy and rhythm and passion.

The Rhythm & Passion show is the only one of its kind, taking audiences on a journey through time with a multitude of genres ranging from the sizzling Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Salsa, the sensuous Tango, and the explosive Gauchos. The international cast performs before a backdrop of exquisite period scenery, re-creating the settings where these passionate and sensual dances were born to the evolution of the modern interpretation of these dances.

Feel the intensity of the smoke-filled bars and gambling halls of Buenos Aires, where the illicit tango evolved.

Revel in the joy and exhilaration of salsa dancing in the streets in the Caribbean islands. Be seduced by the Argentine cowboy " the gaucho " and the dramatic storytelling of his art.

The Rhythm and passion cast has been featured in numerous commercials, TV shows and films. They are the dance instructor of several Hollywood actors and she prepared them for their upcoming rolls, like Lindsay Lohan, Raoul Bova, Thomas Kretschmann. Its vibrant performers have shared the stage with some of the most renowned artists in the world. Their brilliant performances and choreography awarded them with the Bronze Star Halo Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Industry by the

Southern California Motion Picture Council. Their talent has been recognized & embraced around the world.

Rhythm and Passion at the Nadam Festival in Inner Mongolia Summer 2012

International Appearances:
Asian tour through out several mayor cities in Japan, Korea and Thailand
Germany: Hanau theatre and Rudolstadt Tanz & folk fest
Italy: Genova Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo
France: Strasbourg world fest
Canada: Winnipeg folk fest
Mexico: Several presentations for the winery Baron Balche in Rosarito and Ensenada
Cancun: Royal Resort and Club Med

Oregon; Elsinore theatre
Texas; One world theatre Austin
San Francisco: Gershwin theatre / San Francisco Art Gallery w/ tenor Kilo Munoz/
The O D C theatre
Connecticut; Bushnell Center
Fresno; the Performing Arts center
Los Angeles Ford Amphitheatre / Hollywood bowl / James Armstrong theatre/ El Portal theatre/ Alex theatr
South Carolina: The Performing Arts of Seabrook Island
North Carolina: Greenville Theater
New Mexico: Alamogordo/Albuquerque/Las Cruces/Artesia/clovis/Farmington/silver city/Socorro/hobbs
Las Vegas: Bellagio Grand Ballroom /Nicholas J. Horn Theatre
such as Dyango, Pimpinela, Violeta Rivas,Ruben Juarez, Nestor Roland, Juan Carlos Copes, Los de Salta, Los
Tucu-Tucu, just to name a few. They were part of the II Festival de Miami, sharing the stage with Memphis La
Blusera, Los Pericos and Los Twist.

Special Appearances
Hawaii: Dance Feast & Mardi Gras Follies show for 5 consecutive years
Miami festival Argentino
IBM conventions in San Francisco, San Diego and San Juan Capistrano.
Movie: Caf� Tango
B-day celebration of the queen of Thailand
Children's hospital for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony

Rhythm and Passion show
Act I

Tango Bar in the 1920's
9 de Julio: Claudio-Elizabeth-Gloria-Luis-Daniel-Ramona -Jo-Javier-Vince - Juanita
Nocturna: Claudio-Elizabeth
Ella es asi: Daniel-Ramona
El Huracan: Gloria- Luis
Cumparsita: Daniel-Ramona -Claudio-Elizabeth-Gloria- Luis
Salsa in the Caribbean in the 1950's
Guajira: Vince-Javier
Cuban Joe: Jo-Javier-Vince-Juanita
Beautiful Maria: Daniel-Ramona
Pa los rumberos: Gloria- Luis -Jo-Vince-Javier-Juanita
Gaucho in the 1800's
Fogon (Malambo): Luis -Daniel-Claudio-Javier-Vince
Chacarera: Claudio-Elizabeth-Gloria- Luis - Daniel-Ramona
Zamba: Gloria- Luis
Cueca: Claudio-Elizabeth-Gloria- Luis " Daniel-Ramona
Bombos: Claudio- Luis -Gloria-Elizabeth-Vince

Act II
The present and future of tango, gauchos and salsa
Tanguera: Claudio-Elizabeth-Gloria- Luis - Daniel-Ramona
Que tienen las mujeres: Juanita "Javier
Primavera porte�a: Daniel-Ramona
Quimbara: Jo-Javier-Vince-Juanita
Derecho Viejo: Claudio- Elizabeth
Merengue: Daniel-Ramona -Jo-Vince- Luis -Juanita
Solo por hoy: Gloria- Javier
Lucy: Jo-Vince
Latin Percussion; Claudio
Ponte duro: Vince-Javier- Daniel
Poncho: Gloria-Elizabeth-Jo-Juanita
Boleadoras: Claudio
Requiem: full cast
Director: Gloria Otero
Assistant directors: Claudio Otero & Josephine Qui�ones
Gloria Otero
Claudio Otero
Jose Luis Delgadillo
Elizabeth Roccella
Ramona Nita
Daniel Noce
Josephine Qui�ones
Vincent Torres
Javier Fernandez
Juanita Romano


Production Rider

US/CANADA Booking office
Richard Byford - Byway Events & Entertainment, Inc.
Tel:(760) 320-9054 FAX: (760) 327-4584
e-mail: richard@bywayentertainment
The following Artist Contract Rider must be agreed upon and signed by
both parties before the agreement between THE OTERO DANCE COMPANY (Artist) and
Purchaser can be approved.

1. No performance shall be recorded, reproduced or transmitted from the place of the performance, in any manner or by any means unless specifically agreed to in writing.

2. It is understood by the purchaser that neither the Federation or the Local Union are parties to this contract.

3. CANCELLATION: Purchaser agrees that Artist can cancel the engagement hereunder, at Artist's sole discretion by giving purchaser notice in writing at least 60 days prior to the event date.

4. FORCE MAJEURE: Artist's obligations to furnish the services hereunder shall be subject to the detention or prevention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, means of transportation, act of God, riots, labor difficulties, epidemics, and any other act or order of any public authority or any cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond Artist's control.

Provided Artist is ready, willing and able to perform, Purchaser agrees to compensate Artist in accordance with the terms hereof regardless of Act of God, fire accident, riot, strikes, labor difficulties, epidemics and or order of any public authority or any cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond artist's control.

Inclement weather shall not be deemed to be a force majeure occurrence and the purchaser shall remain liable for payment of the full contract price even if the performance (s) called for herein are prevented by such weather conditions. Artist shall have the sole right to determine in good faith whether any such weather conditions shall render the performance(s) impossible, hazardous or unsafe.

5. CONTROL OF PRODUCTION: Artist shall have the sole and exclusive control over the production, presentation and performance of the show. It is understood and agreed that a representative of the Artist shall have the sole and absolute authority in directing personnel operating all lighting and sound equipment during both rehearsal and said performance(s).

6. The purchaser shall not commit the Artist to any interviews, personal appearances or any type of promotional appearances without prior written approval from their management.

7. PURCHASER LIABILITY: Except as otherwise specifically provided, Purchaser hereby assumes full liabilty and responsibility for the payment of any and all costs, expenses, charges , claims, losses, liabilities and damages related to or based upon the presentation or production of the show in which Artist is to appear.

8. It is understood and agreed that the contract may not be changed, modified or altered except by an instrument in writing.

9. INDEMNIFICATION: Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Artists and their employees, contractors and/or agents from and against any claims, costs, expenses, damages, liabilities, losses or judgements arising out of, or in connection with, any claim, demand or action made by any third party, if such are sustained as a direct or indirect consequence of the engagement.

10. TAXES: Artist is hired as an outside contractor and as such Purchaser shall hold Artist harmless of and from any and all taxes, fees, dues and the like relating to the engagement hereunder and the sums payable to Artist shall be free of such taxes, fees, dues and the like.

11. MERCHANDISING: Purchaser agrees that Artist shall have the sole and exclusive right to the sale of CD's; tapes and souvenirs at this performance.

The presenter will provide a resilient dancing floor made out of wood (or a material comparable to), leveled and free from any obstructions. The minimum measurements for the dancing surface are 26'wide and 20'deep. Front Curtain and 2 mid-stage curtains.

Quick-changes areas are needed stage left and right if dressing rooms are far away, changing areas must be equipped with lights, table and mirror

Three small cocktail tables and seven chairs for bar scene

Professional sound console with sufficient inputs for mic's and CD source.

CD player
4 PZM floor mics for footwork and stage sound.
2 wireless acoustical guitar microphones
2 wireless hand held microphone
3 wired mics with stand for drums
ClearCom or equivalent intercom for follow spot, stage manger, light, and sound techs.
5 stage monitors with a minimum of 4 monitor mixes for drummers, dancers and musicians
1 sound technician.
FOH Sound System:
A professional sound system of the highest possible standard (eg
L'Acoustic, D&B, Meyer, Nexo is preferred) including sub
bass, capable of achieving clear, full-range sound coverage across the whole venue
1 hazer machine
Sufficient lighting to dramatically light each act individually (typically 100 dimmer channe's)
2 110V Edison outlets on stage
2 follow spots with operators
1 light tech to operate lighting cues per act
Projector, if available
Source four Leko for 4 gobos lights size B
Crew consisting of one house sound engineer and one house lighting
engineer must be available to assist with the sound and light equipment.
Minimum of 2 stage hands to help move the scenery/props during the show &
unload and load trailer if show is travelling by road.
1. HOTEL ROOMS: Purchaser to provide and pay for 6 non-smoking double hotel rooms at a three star hotel or above.
2. TRAVEL: (if this is part of the negotiated contract) Purchaser to provide and pay for 11 R/T airfare (preferably business class for long flights to Europe etc.)
3. GROUND TRANSPORTATION: All local ground transportation to be provided by purchaser.
4.INSURANCE: A policy of public liability and property damage insurance naming OTERO DANCE COMPANY, and their officers, agents and employees individually and collectively, as additional insureds therein in an amount not less than One Million Dollars for each event and three million general aggregate.
5. DRESSING ROOM: Three Lockable dressing room(s) Hot and cold running water
AC power
Mirrors with good lighting for make-up
Hanging rail with clothes hangers
Steamer or iron and ironing board
12 towels
6. MEALS & DRESSING ROOM HOSPITALITY: Lunch & dinner for up to 11 people to be provided on day of show or negotiated buy-out
7. Dressing room Hospitality:
Facilities for tea and coffee
1 carton of orange juice
10 bottles of mineral water eg: Evian/Volvic (for performance)
Selection of snack foods, sandwiches