On The Village Green radio show for July 17th

Please go to the following link and click on Radio Show #6


This show deals with avoiding having to trash stuff – such as flyers, post cards, photo frames etc by

not making them date or event specific so that “left overs” can be used for the next event.

I would like to hear from you on ways that you have found to save money and still be green.


“However small and insignificant you think your part may be…………

It is total of those parts that will lead us into a green sustainable future.”

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I invite your input, ideas, comments and questions on producing and designing eco-friendly green events. I am hoping to include some of your comments or share your ideas in my presentations around the country not just on greening events but ALL the challenges we face in the special events industry and America as a whole. I will try to answer all your questions or at least point you to someone who is an expert in their field for their opinion.

To start a new subject please email me and I will post it so everyone can comment on it richard@bywayentertainment.com