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I am a Whale from Spoken from the Heart

The new video from my Spoken from the Heart cd
I am a Whale –
I am a Whale
From the one man show The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour by Richard Byford

It’s Raining

Back in the 60’s & 70’s spoken word tracks even got into the charts – can that happen again? Well……..lets make it happen! I want to thank Kerry Kogan and everyone who have said such nice things about my Grammy submission Spoken from the Heart.
Do me a favor – when it rains in your area today especially in California – go outside and shout at the top of your voice – It’s Raining, It’s Raining – you never know may be radio will hear us and we will start a whole new “rain rush” Ha!!!!!
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about – take a listen


The Scent of Freshly Cut Roses

President Obama was laying a wreath at the Arlington National Cemetry and while he was saying a few words the camera drifted over the the lines of white grave stones and stopped on a young woman who was standing looking up to the sky with her hand on a grave stone. I immediately wrote The Scent of Freshly Cut Roses – the first track on my cd Spoken from the Heart cd – please take a listen! Thanks!

I invite your input, ideas, comments and questions on producing and designing eco-friendly green events. I am hoping to include some of your comments or share your ideas in my presentations around the country not just on greening events but ALL the challenges we face in the special events industry and America as a whole. I will try to answer all your questions or at least point you to someone who is an expert in their field for their opinion.

To start a new subject please email me and I will post it so everyone can comment on it