Monthly Archives: June 2015

Stay over after my Tudor House show on 27th

The BRACKEN FERN MANOR across the street from THE TUDOR HOUSE is
offering a 20% discount to anyone who wants to stay over after my show. This means you get a great dinner, a room for the night and ME all for one low price.
Call the Tudor House @ 909-336-5000 to make reservations.

I invite your input, ideas, comments and questions on producing and designing eco-friendly green events. I am hoping to include some of your comments or share your ideas in my presentations around the country not just on greening events but ALL the challenges we face in the special events industry and America as a whole. I will try to answer all your questions or at least point you to someone who is an expert in their field for their opinion.

To start a new subject please email me and I will post it so everyone can comment on it