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The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour at the Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead


The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour in New York

The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour – performed by Richard Byford, UNITED KINGDOM. Directed by Lindsay Wagner. United Solo Theatre Festival: Sunday, Oct.11 at 2pm.
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My Interview with Noel Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary

This was one of the highlights of all the interviews I’ve done over the years
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My First LA Review of The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour

My first LA review:
Combining personal stories, sensitive songs, and self-deprecating humor, “The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour,” Richard Byford’s entertaining autobiographical one-man show, reveals how the actor discovered himself through the freedom of traveling the globe. Like E. M. Forster, he hopes to “only connect” with others through word and song.
Byford focuses on emotional turning points in his life, examining how they each moved him to greater understanding of his fellow humans and world. Accompanying himself on guitar, Byford blends thoughtful lyrics and colorful phrases in his songs, which reveal his heartfelt emotions about the journey of life. He employs everything from folk, country, and rap in the rhythms to these tunes, demonstrating a warm regard for insights into the human psyche.
Charming and personable, Byford establishes a warm rapport with the audience, cracking jokes, adlibbing, and asking questions. His playful and animated attitude keep the production rolling along, and his expressive face and body language clearly define characters who might have populated his journey. Using just a change of costume, shape shifting, and fine acting, Byford brings a salty sailor and stoic cowboy to life.
The intimate venue works well for the production, becoming almost like a personal confession to the audience. Simple props like a steamer trunk and clothes rack with change of costumes establish the journey within.
Like Mame, “Life is a banquet” to Byford, a passionate adventure thoughtfully examined in song.
Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times

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