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100,000 poets for change on Sept 27th

100,000 poets for change at Crystal Fantasy Palm Springs
List of Poets for Sat:
Richard Byford (spoken word to music)
Chip Miller (spoken word to music)
Dessa Reed
Russ Bertlow
Donna Marie Fitzgerald
Gala Michelle
Lisa Pisoni (unconfirmed)
Dr. Venessa Sheldon on Celtic harp – will also sing two songs!
Crystal Fantasy on Saturday Sept 27th 7pm

100,000 poets for CHANGE – Saturday Sept 27th

100,000 poets for change at Crystal Fantasy

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Richard & Mary -57th Grammy Awards

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Richard and Mary News

Thank you for your continued support of Richard & Mary

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We have two entries up for a Grammy this year: 

Best Folk Album – Keeping the Dream Alive by Richard & Mary

Americana Song of the year – Touched by the Hands of an Angel – by Richard Byford

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you at one of our live performances

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I invite your input, ideas, comments and questions on producing and designing eco-friendly green events. I am hoping to include some of your comments or share your ideas in my presentations around the country not just on greening events but ALL the challenges we face in the special events industry and America as a whole. I will try to answer all your questions or at least point you to someone who is an expert in their field for their opinion.

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